Fantasy Device

My fantasy device is an interactive ceiling display.  By creating an environment that allows the user to stretch, exercise, relieve eye fatigue, and strengthen the muscles that years of being perpetually hunched over may weaken, this device is a rehabilitation tool for the dreaded “computer slouch”.

Using special gloves with sensors placed on each fingertip, the user may paint his or her own personal Sistine chapel or follow a routine synced with music.

In addition to doodling with an interactive paint menu, combinations of sensors are capable of signaling various output.  Music options accompany these settings, allowing the user to interact on both a visual and auditory level.  Examples:

  • Fire Works:  With all five sensors touching, a launch point is created upon release.  The acceleration of the release is reflected in the firework launch.
  • Shape Bounce:  Enclosed shapes become projectiles.  With thumb sensors in contact, the shapes can be launched across the display.  A bumper along the perimeter responds to “impact”.

For those feeling less creative, a preset routine of stretching exercises is included.

Hokey prototype:

A projector, a hacked Wii sensor, glove, finger tip sensors, and some Processing.