3D Worlds Final: Audio Reactive Projection Mapping

Overcoming some hurdles with VDMX5 and Maya on my second project proved to be quite challenging. I hope to continue learning these tools and pick up Quartz Composer, 123d Catch, Syphon, AfterEffects, and OpenNI/NITE. For my final project, I wanted to create an audio responsive projection mapping in my livingroom (the only place I could conceivably take over for a week) with generative geometry and some AfterEffects animations inspired by the unusual works of Paul Loffely.

I hope to finish up weaving together layered AfterEffects animations in scenes with VDMX5, dealing with multiple Syphon servers, adding the additional surfaces I’ve modeled (and making them transparent), adding the dreamer on the couch with the Kinect, incorporating the spatial shifts in Unity3D to make the projection interesting….

Below are some low res videos (taken on my iphone) and pictures:


Setup for the 123D Catch modeling:

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