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First full-day of monitoring

Notes from my first full day of testing the VLF monitor setup on my NYC roof

VLF Antenna Cloudy Day

I’m using the SuperSID monitor and software with my small 1 ft wide loop (made with magnetic wire) at home on my deck. I wanted to test this small loop and compare it to the larger loop (made with insulated 24 AWG wire) that I plan on using at ITP.

There is significant noise in this setup and I hope the combination of the larger loop and 24 AWG wire will yield a marked improvement. There’s something beautiful about this noise. It’s the buzz, the radio noise (or the near field em) of the city. There are marked spikes that correspond neither with the mains and their harmonics (which are filtered out through the software) or the VLF stations. The graph below shows an image of the power spectrum at about 8pm last night. The spike at around 15.65 kHz stayed constant for the  majority of last night. It disappeared sometime between midnight and 1 am and reappeared again this afternoon.

The SuperSID software only records the amplitude (power) of the frequencies of the VLF channels. I kept the setup running through the night and hope to at least see a difference in signal strength between day and night.

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